Dr. Evan Ellis received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northeast College of Health Sciences in Seneca Falls, NY. He has treated patients in diverse areas including in family practice, athletics and even the Veterans Affairs Hospital.

Dr. Ellis’s goal is to fully understand pain and the effect it has on his patients’ lives, and to help find the best way to overcome it. As someone who has suffered from back pain, Dr. Ellis became a Chiropractor to apply his own experiences to best serve his patients.

Dr. Ellis grew up in Bel Air, and pursued his B.S. in Exercise Science at Towson University. Dr. Ellis has a background in powerlifting, strongman, kettlebell training, and rugby.

Dr. Ellis believes in continual learning in order to best serve his patients. He focuses on providing unique and specialized care for all of his patients. Whether the goal is relieving pain, performing better, or simply enjoying time with family, Dr. Ellis would be honored to help you achieve that goal.