Dr. Reed Neubaum is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic with Physical Therapy privileges in Maryland. He graduated from Shippensburg University where he majored in Biology with a concentration in Health Professions. He then went on to receive his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College. Dr. Neubaum holds certifications in the following areas and techniques: Active Release Technique, Sports Science and Human Performance, Whole Foods Nutrition, Functional Movement Screening, Motion Palpation, Activator Methods, and Fascial Movement Taping specialist through RockTape.

Dr. Reed has had opportunities to work with athletes at the high school and college levels as well as amateur MMA fighters. Being an athlete himself, this sparked his passion for helping other athletes get out of pain, prevent future injuries, and improve their performance. In Dr. Neubaum’s spare time, he coaches wrestling at his alma-mater, Quince Orchard High School.

Listen to Conversations with Rich Bennett: Feeling Healthy From Lasers, Cracking, Eating, And Exercise. A podcast in which Dr. Neubaum was recently on, where he “explains how Ultimate Health has something for everyone including people that have had surgery, are diabetic, and those that even have artificial knees and other implants.”

‘Our motto is simple – Understand. Correct. Restore. Maintain. We evaluate you to understand why you have a problem and identify the source. Then we help you correct and restore function, mobility, stability and strength of the underlying problematic issue. Finally, we help you maintain you new state of health and function. That is what TRUE HEALTH is all about!’