I’m a Massage Therapists so naturally I think I am better than Physical Therapy (lol in a different aspect of course). Never thought I’d have to go but yup I sure do. And I just have to say that Dr Acosta is absolutely amazing! I have had problems in my SI joint for years and yesterday I finally had relief and still today as well! It’s a MIRACLE!! And when my arms get tingly very badly, just one session takes it away. We have a lot to work on, but I am super confident I am with the right person! And the front staff is amazing also… can’t forget them!!

– Vikki B.

Cannot say enough about Ultimate Health and Dr. Acosta. Chronic lower back pain prompted me to make my initial appointment. Within three treatments, Dr. Acosta had me feeling significantly better. Regular appointments keeps everything in check. The advice he offers during treatments on stretches I can do between sessions has been extremely welcome. The staff is friendly, helpful and always willing to share pleasantries during check-in and check-out and wait times are minimal.

– Cheryl M.

I was constantly having back pain when I walked. Then I found Dr Davidson and Dr Cesari to get my back in shape. I am so thankful for your expert help and caring for me over the years. You truly are the best. Thank you!

– Allyson

I highly recommend Ultimate Health, particularly Dr. Acosta. While I’ve been a chiropractic patient for many years, this is the first practice I’ve been to that not only performs adjustments, but works on soft tissue as well. After just a few visits, I can move more freely and I’m in much less pain.

– Cindy G

Dr. Cesari is excellent! He has strong diagnostic skills employing a logical and reasoned strategy to pinpoint the problem at its source. He values patient input and feedback as an important part of the process. His goal is to identify the issue and fix it, not put you in an ongoing maintenance plan, and he expects to see results quickly. Additionally, he is trained in a variety of therapies so he can choose what is best for your situation. He was able to help me where others had not. Scheduling has always been easy and wait times short. I highly recommend Dr. Cesari.

– Mary S

Dr. Davidson and staff are awesome! I had previously done 2-3 months of physical therapy and did not feel like I had gained much. Dr. D was my lifesaver! I would go everyday if I could. The office ladies are wonderful and the area is always clean and prepped. I look forward to my appointments every time.

– Calli G.